The youth is the generation of the future. Because the future starts now, it is our goal to raise up a generation that is firmly grounded in Christ, equipped with the Holy Spirit, and confident in the love of the Father. In doing so, we are allowing the peak of our personal revelation to become the foundation of theirs. We will help identify, pursue and make reality each individual’s calling on their life; whatever that may be.


Sunday School

Our Sunday School program offers classes for children from nursery ages up to eighth grade at our 10AM service. Children stay in the sanctuary during the worship, but go out to classes during the sermon.


We offer youth group for children in first grade through high school. Once a month, youth group leaders take the chidren to participate in different activities or events. The children are broken up into groups based on grade as follows:
· 1st-3rd grades
· 4th-6th grades
· 7th-8th grades
· High School

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