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Church of Redemption is a Bible believing, Bible teaching Church. We stand uncompromisingly for the inspired word of God and seek to apply the unchanging principles of God’s Word to the pressing problems of life today, exalting its central figure, the Lord Jesus Christ. We seek to spread the love of God by helping meet the needs of the people in the surrounding community.


We Believe

  • The Bible is inspired by God and without error; we base our beliefs on no other book.
  • There is one God, who has always existed in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
  • Our Lord Jesus Christ is and was truly God: He was born into the world by a virgin; He lived a sinless life; Performed genuine miracles; Died for our sins in our place; Was resurrected bodily; Ascended to the Father’s right hand; Will personally return in the future.
  • The only means of being cleansed of sin is through repentance and faith in the finished work of Christ.
  • Being born again by the Holy Spirit is essential for personal salvation.
  • The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is given to believers who ask.
  • The reality of the supernatural operation of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit for today.
  • The grace of God provides healing of the human body and answer to prayer.
  • The practice of: Christian baptism by immersion in water for believers; and, The Lord’s Supper.

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